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Tel: +31 172-614266


Jan Willem Bakker
Managing director

Jan-Willem Bakker founded JW Bakker Sport BV back in 2003. After 12,5 years of success in the Japanese sporting goods brand ASICS, being the youngest ever board member within the Japanese company, Mr Bakker decided to start his own company.


At that time, at the age of still just 35, he recognized the lack of mutual understanding between companies and especially between Europe and the Far East.

Along the way many projects have been completed and many are still running. Now, with a total business experience in both Europe and Far East of 30 years, Mr Bakker’s network in both areas is one of a kind and JW Bakker Sport BV experiences the benefits of it every day.


Tolnasingel 16, 2411 PV, Bodegraven

The Netherlands

Tel:  +31 172 614266  or +31 653179973


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JW Bakker Sport B.V.

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Can we partner up...

YES, that could very well be the case. Along the years customers came with all sorts of questions. A few examples:


  • As a sporting goods brand we would like to expand our product range but we do not have enough knowledge in that specific area. ( An apparel company that wants to do footwear or vice versa)

  • As a sporting goods brand or retailer we would like to do a professional check on our current sourcing >>product and pricing to see whether we are still in the right direction. (Procurement)

  • A full time sourcing manager would be too much for our company. Can you help us fill in this gap?

  • Our sourcing manager left unexpectedly. Could you help us interim?

  • We are a Chinese manufacturer making great product. Can you guide us into the European market?

  • We are a Vietnamese manufacturer and we like to adjust our management style in a way that makes us ready for European customers. Can you help?

Bericht ontvangen! Wij nemen spoedig contact met u op.


For better sourcing, production, concepts and procurement

...where EAST 

meets  WEST...


We are proud to look at a list* of:


  • 12 global sporting goods brands

  • 14 national retail chains

  •   4 international retail chains

  • 41 international supplier

  • 22 industry-strange customers


*Not all customers can be exposed due to agreements and/or strategic reasons.

Overview and vision



Our team

JW Bakker Sport BV is a Dutch company with its roots in the global sporting goods market. There are 3 active divisions: 2people, Sock Republic and TOTTI International. 2people for consultancy. Sock Republic for product import and sales. TOTTI International is a start up that develops wood fired garden ovens.


2people: Connecting people


Business is all about people. Above all. The quality interaction between people makes most of the difference. Companies make products and sell them. Other companies buy these products and sell them again. It is that simple. But when these companies live in different worlds, suddenly things are not that simple anymore. Distance, language and culture often make it complicated. And that is where we come in. Over 25 years production, marketing, sourcing, logistics and general management experience in Europe and Far East. Our focus is to connect those 2 worlds for our customers, in both directions. We are there for European companies who need a safe ride in their desired production area. And we are there for Far East companies looking for sales markets in Europe. Customers can jump in at the beginning of their journey or in later stages. From west to east we work for customers that have a complete range of developed product, just looking for assistance in finding the best production facility. But we also work for companies who start from just a great idea. We assist them in full concept. From design start until product launch and distribution. From east to west it’s more or less the same. Some customers need guidance from A to Z and some just want to hear a one-time advice. We let them understand the markets. The do’s and the don’ts’s. “How to enter? How to understand? How to act? Do we need a sales office in Europe? Do we need to attend trade fairs? Do we need to invite customers to our factory?” Just a few questions we hear every day. And we love it.  Connecting people. 2people.


Sock Republic: Socks and more.


Sock Republic started as a product development, import and sales division for socks. Along the way our customers requested a wider offer. Today Sock Republic has customers in 12 different countries, with a focus on socks, garments, bags and footwear within the sports segment. Product is made at all levels obviously. Though Sock Republic is at its best when things become really challenging. High functional product, newest materials and special yarn treatments can be expected!


TOTTI International:


The youngest division in the company. Recognizing the constant growing outdoor cooking market within Europe, TOTTI International looks at the niche of the residential wood fired ovens. After years of R&D, launch of an unique outdoor oven can be arranged for wholesalers  en bigger retailers.

Sock Republic
Totti international
Partner up
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